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I’m Michael Gabriel L. Sumastre. Photographer and writer based in Lipa City, Batangas, Quezon Province (Lucena City and Lucban) and Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.


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Expert photography writer and photo blogger of:

  1. Contrastly Online Magazine
  2. Photography Planet
  3. Picture Correct
  4. EzineArticles


Founder of the following websites:

  1. TheFinestWriter.com
  2. HumansOfThePhilippines.com (under construction)


Regular contributor to some of the world’s top niched websites:

  1. PluralSight
  2. Techopedia
  3. WebDesign.org
  4. and many more…


Ghostwriter to some of the world’s most popular websites:

  1. Forbes.com
  2. HuffingtonPost.com
  3. Entrepreneur.com
  4. TheTechJournal.com
  5. Tweakyourbiz.com
  6. SMBCEO.com
  7. InstantShift.com
  8. Consulting.co.uk
  9. Businesses.com.au
  10. SteamFeed.com
  11. Techopedia.com and
  12. SocialMediaExaminer.com
  13. and many more…


More about me here and here.

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